neurodivergent counselling
for neurodivergent people

Hey, so you are neurodivergent.

Cool! Welcome.

As you’ve probably noticed, this community is full of wild, beautiful ideas, big hearts and even bigger imaginations. We love connecting with each other to share special interests and feel a sense of belonging with like-minded brains. Brains that know what it is like to be different from the people and structures around us.

For all the beauty of neurodiversity, the reality is that we live in a system that doesn’t always account for us. Navigating such a world can be lonely, confusing and harsh. People come to us from all different backgrounds and stages of their journey. An ADHD, Autism, OCD etc. label may be officially diagnosed, or perhaps neurodiversity is something you self-identify with.

We don’t care if you have a diagnosis or not. You are welcome here.

Not only do we have the lived experience to walk alongside you, but we are Master’s level trained therapists who come armed with our smarts and a keen sense of instinct. We’re non-judgmental, queer-welcoming and trauma-informed. Talk to us about stress, sex, substances, the burdens of capitalism, we’ve seen it all.

Learn about our approach for ADHD therapy, from counsellors with lived experiences of neurodiversity.

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Hormones have helped so many people feel comfortable with their bodies and presentation. Learn about obtaining an assessment.

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