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ADHD therapy enables people to develop a sense of direction, gain control of their lives, and discover their authentic selves.

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We see clients virtually online across British Columbia, or in-person in our wheelchair-accessible office in Vancouver.

We are Sunward Journeys.

We provide neurodivergent counselling, for neurodivergent people. We’re happy you’re here.

ADHD therapy treatments can help you:

  • improve your productivity, organization, and decision-making
  • develop emotional regulation techniques
  • identify patterns that could be sabotaging your relationships
  • leverage your strengths and be patient with your weaknesses
  • find an outlook that is authentic
  • identify and reach your goals

Growing up in a society that may have labeled you as lazy, unreliable, too much, or not smart, often leads to internalized shame, regret, and grief. How could someone not be sensitive to rejection in an environment like that? You can learn to trust your own judgement, to reframe the stories you’ve been telling yourself, and to find a more powerful perspective.

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We deliver impactful therapy treatments for ADHD, always coming from a place of affirmation and strength.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

Knowledgeable and skilled: Our therapists are Master’s level trained Registered Clinical Counsellors who come armed with our smarts and a keen sense of instinct. We are able to adapt our sessions using techniques from (but not limited to) cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), attachment theory, psychodynamics, and humanistic gestalt to deliver tailored and specific counselling that work the best for you in achieving your goals.

Neurodiverse Affirming: ADHD Therapy is strength-based. Your journey thus far reflects your creativity, resilience, empathy, and strength. We will use these qualities to develop fresh tools and strategies. Empowerment starts from building upon your authentic self.

Trauma-informed: we understand therapy can bring up unexpected traumas and anxieties and we are able to support you through this while engaging in ADHD therapy.

Inclusive: Our therapists are either part of the queer community or allies. We recognize that there are many ways of being. You don’t have to feel the need to explain your gender identity, sexuality, or non-traditional relationship style to us. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

Ready to get started? Here are the deets.

Specialized ADHD therapy sessions at $145/50 minutes, with a sliding scale available. All therapists are Registered Clinical Counsellors, and covered by most extended benefit plans. Access conveniently online, or attend in-person in our wheelchair-accessible office in Downtown Vancouver.

Feel free to roam, tic, stim, or fidget during sessions.

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Sunward Journeys is founded by August Wambold, RCC, a queer therapist with ADHD. We aren’t just counsellors, we’re people with lived experiences of neurodiversity with compassion, empathy, and understanding for those trying to hack it in a neurotypical world. We believe in serving community, from within community.

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