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Polly have Tourettes?: Join us in Supporting Greyhaven

Sunward Journeys is inspired to support organizations with mission statements that promote care to those in need and education to those who care. We believe in the wellbeing of humans and birds alike! This is why we have chosen Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary to be the non-profit we donate 1% of our revenue to for the year 2024.

Why Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

As someone with Tourette’s Syndrome, parrots have a special place in my heart. I can’t help but relate to the flamboyant cockatoo, a playful and curious bird who is as loud as he is impulsive. They almost seem to take comfort in their voice, as if certain vocal cord movements sooth their anxious tendencies. Such parrots are often compared to human toddlers when considering their intelligence and emotional capacities. This only adds to how heartbreaking it is that these creatures are so often neglected and harmed by humans.

In 2016, Greyhaven participated in Canada’s largest animal rescue project ever conducted. When the owner of the now de-funct World Parrot Refugee passed, the lives of over 600 parrots were at risk. Numerous volunteers took on the duty to relocate, provide medical attention to, care for, and foster during the daunting rehoming process. Prior to this rescue, Greyhaven was only caring for 60 birds.

goku the cockatiel

This is Goku, the squawking culprit that can sometimes be heard lightly ticcing in the distant background of remote sessions with August!

To this day Greyhaven continues to rescue and rehome birds, as well as support avian owners with education presentations and senior citizens with pet therapy programs. Thank you Greyhaven for your bravery and heart!

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